5 Times Famous Car Brands Made Tractors

5. Fiat

The history of the Fiat tractor began in 1919 when they launched the Fiat 702 and ever since the company has grown, consistently pumping out new designs. The brand has established itself as the leading constructor in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, engulfing other companies in the process. In 1991, it took over Ford New Holland and adopted the name to increase its status on the global market.

Fiat 25R
The 1951 Fiat 25R. Author Gabriele Bellotti CC BY 2.0

4. Mitsubushi

The Japanese conglomerate launched ‘Mitsubushi Agricultural Machinery Co.’ in February 1980 after a merger with Satoh Agricultural Machinery. The distribution of the farm equipment has a main focus in Asia, although the company has dabbled in America and Europe.

Mitsubishi MC1650
Mitsubushi MC1650 Rice Combine Harvester. Author 唐山健志郎 CC BY-SA 3.0

3. Porsche

While not as well known as the brands car counterparts, the Porsche Tractor originated in the early 30’s in an attempt to make a ‘people’s tractor’. The development was halted when the second world war rolled over Europe but by the early 50’s, 4 new Porsche-Diesel tractors had been designed. The tractors ranged from the 1 cylinder, 2 cylinder, 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder with the horsepower producing between 14 to 55. Due to post war restrictions, the tractors were made in collaboration with Allgaier GmbH and Hofherr Schrantz; their manufacture started in 1956 with a total of 125,000 being made until the end of the contract in 1963.

Porsche Diesel Super tractor. Author: RudolfSimon CC BY-SA 3.0

2. Lamborghini

Founded in 1948, Lamborghini Trattori is the only member of this list that wasn’t a corporate side project, the roots of Lamborghini are solely owed to tractors. The future supercar maker began making tractors and farm equipment out of surplus war material and saw great success. Following an argument with Enzo Ferrari about a dodgy clutch in his 250GT, Ferrucio believed he could do a better job than the prancing pony and in 1964, the 350GT was released, the first production car from the house of the raging bull. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the tractor company was sold to rival company SAME in 1973, although, retaining its own brand name.

22 hp, 2 cylinder Lamborghinetta, released in 1957.

1. Ford

Branded under the name ‘Fordson’, Henry Ford took the lessons he learnt from mass producing the Model T, and applied them to his new tractor and truck company.  Launched in 1917, Henry Ford mass-produced general-purpose tractors and exported them to the U.K. who were currently tangled in the fighting in Europe. After the war, Ford’s tractors boomed and captured the same success as the Model T, the affordable price and reliable design widely popularised the machine. In 1986, Fordson expanded and purchased Sperry-New Holland, forming Ford New Holland. 5 years later in 1991, Ford New Holland was bought by Fiat who originally took the Ford name, but this was with the agreement that the name had to be changed by 2000.

Fordson Model F
A 1917 Fordson Model F. Author newhollandag CC BY-SA 2.0